Free-spirited and adventurous, leSTUDIO offers yoga to satisfy your path to wellness through alternative means.  It’s a sanctuary for the bold and the curious and the shy and the cautious.  Our aim is to share a powerful practice where the mat meets life itself.  Surprising our students outside the walls of a typical studio and meeting them in unique spaces allows us to share our mantra, yoga anytime, anywhere. Rooted in the belief that there are many different paths to health and happiness, we seek to carve out a corner where movement, stillness, music and fearlessness embrace the mind and body.

Whether a total beginner or a seasoned yogi, leSTUDIO is committed to creating a playful space and empowering your journey to wellbeing.




Instructor & Co-Founder

Like many, I first found yoga at a time where I felt lost in my life. Yoga was and is my refuge.  

It pushed open the mental and physical boundaries I kept myself in, which ultimately gave me strength, both mental and physical, clarity and courage.  

I first started with Jivamukti Yoga, unlocking emotion and devotion.  Looking to deepen my knowledge in Power and Restorative Yoga, I received my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Certification from Fred Busch and Allaine Stricklen at Miami Brickell Yogashala in 2011.  A lot has happened since then. I found my new career within yoga, I moved half-way across the world for love and I became a mother.  Along the way, I’ve taught Vinyasa Flows with touches of Restorative Yoga in Berlin and Zurich. I like to keep my classes light-hearted, honest and fun and above all keep my students in the most wonderful moment: the present.  




After a Bachelor's in Hospitality Management, over four years in the marketing industry, and a diploma in interior design, I felt that I needed to dedicate my energy to new challenges benefitting the body and the soul. I rapidly realized that this goal can only be achieved through connecting with other individuals and sharing a moment in time.


This is why today I'm here to bring the Om, the Nom and the Mad into unexpected places. I'm here to bring it to you, to share it with you and to enjoy it with you.

Let's make magic happen anywhere, together.